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LLBMOTC ends their 2011-2012 Year of Giving

The Lakewood/Long Beach Mothers of Twins Club (LLBMOTC) end their term 2011-2012 with the gift of giving $1900 to various causes. This is part of their philanthropic effort to support the community in causes that focus on mothers of multiples and families in need. Many of the charities chosen by LLBMOTC are small programs that often overlookedby the general public.

Below is the breakdown of charities and causes sponsored this term.
  • Book donations to Long Beach Literacy Program:  Every year theLLBMOTC President picks a charity that they feel strongly about. This term it was Long Beach Literacy Program. The literacy program focuses on teaching parents how read to their children so that it will cultivate a love of learning. Some families have never had a new book or do not even own a single book in their home. Club members donated books that the program was very happy to receive.
  • $300 to Team Jonah: Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is a fatal genetic disease which does not receive public funding due to a small infected population. Through many dedicated fundraising efforts of the few, the median survival age has gone from 5 to 35 in # years along with breakthrough medications in the pipleline right now. LLBMOTC has a few members who have one twin with this genetic disease.
  • $200 Silver Pitcher donation. In collaboration with Southern California Mothers of Twins Club (SCMOTC). Families in need are nominated by member clubs are recieve the cummulative contributions from all SCMOTC clubs at SCMOTC's annual convention.
  • $50 Team Trevor via NOMOTC. Team Trevor hopes to abolish the effect of a fatal Krabbe Disease by instituting a law in which all babies would be tested for Krabbe upon birth. If a baby tests positive for Krabbe disease, a simple procedure can be done to prevent the devestating disease to run its full course. In New York City, this test costs $1. Team Trevor is in disbelief that Trevor's life is not worth that $1 in California. Team Trevor was founded by a member of the Temecula Valley Mothers of Multiples group.
  • A dishwasher to Women's Shelter of Long Beach. The Women's Shelter of Long Beach supports victims of violence and their children. The women's shelter can hold 8 families or 29 individuals with the kitchen being the most commonly used area.
  • Premie Baby Swings, funds for breastfeeding cooling bags, log books and water bottles  to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Long Beach Miller's Children's Hospital. A place many of members of LLBMOTC are familiar with. In thanks to and support of future parents of multiples LLBMOTC makes sure that the NICU will be as supportive as possible. LLBMOTC is also available to give hope and support to any parent who has a child or more in the NICU in partnership with Long Beach Miller's Children's Hospital.

    If you would like to donate to any of these worthy charities please visit www.llbmotc.org/community and follow the links in the article or you can make a general donation to LLBMOTC and be assured it will go to a good place. All donations are tax deductible.



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