To download a SCRIP Information packet, click here (includes an order form).

SCRIP Gift Cards:

LLBMOTC purchases SCRIP, which are negotiable gift cards used just like cash.  National and local retailers who want to support non-profit organizations issue this SCRIP.  LLBMOTC purchases gift cards at a 2-15% discount and then sells these cards at face value.  The club retains that 2-15% as revenue.  So there is no additional cost to you!  Buying SCRIP is an easy way to help support our club.  You can use these SCRIP Gift Cards to purchase everday items like food, clothing, and other essentials.  With every purchase, you help earn revenue for the club!

How do I purchase SCRIP Gift Cards?
At every General Meeting the LLBMOTC SCRIP Chair brings a box filled with gift cards from various retailers.  You can look through the box and write a check out to LLBMOTC for the face value of the gift cards.   We also have an order form that you can fill out and return with a check for easy custom ordering.  The LLBMOTC SCRIP Chair can easily place a special order just for you.  You will be surprised at just how many retailers there actually are!

Ralphs and Albertsons, and Food 4 Less Community Partnership Program:

Supporting the club could not be easier!  Do you shop at Ralphs or Albertson's and have one of their club cards?  These grocery stores give LLBMOTC a small percentage of your total grocery sales.  This in no way adds to the price of your grocery bill.  If you shop at Food 4 Less, please contact Maribel, our SCRIP chair, to get a club card.

How do I sign up?
Contact the LLBMOTC SCRIP Chair.  She will ask you for your Ralphs and/or Albertson's club card information, including: your club card number, and your address and phone number.  Then she will let those grocery stores know that you are a member of LLBMOTC and we will start benefiting as soon as you go grocery shopping!

eScrip Shopping:

eScrip works in two ways.  One way is by shopping at specific local retailers and restaurants, and the other way is by shopping online at specific retailers registered with eScrip.

Local Shopping with eScrip:
Shopping at local establishments that are registered with eScrip is basically just like the Ralphs and Albertson's Community Partnership in that your debit/credit card or club card is registered with eScrip.  So, when you shop with those cards at certain stores, a small percentage of your total sales are donated to the club.  This in no way adds to the price of your store bill.

Online Shopping with eScrip:
Just like shopping locally at stores registered with eScrip, you shop online.  In order for eScrip to track your online purchases with their registered retailers you can either go to and click through the store's link or you can download an eScrip tracker that automatically identifies online retailers and purchase your items with your registered credit card.

How do I sign up?
Simply go to and register with LLBMOTC's information and your credit card information and start shopping online.  Further eScrip directions are available on their site.

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